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Holiday Gift Guide

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 Best Glove Gifts of 2023

If you are new here, this gift guide is not meant to be comprehensive.  Instead, its rather random... and hopefully kind of fun!

If YOU have any questions, please comment below or reach out to me and I'll do my best to help.

1. Gifts For Him

Best Gifts for Dads:

best dad ever gift for him leather iron fencer glove

This Branded leather working glove comes as the perfect gift for all the dads in your life.  You can have on several different gloves leathers.  Show him some respect and give him the best work glove and the logo to remind him how you feel about him.

Best Gifts for Husbands/Boyfriends/Partners

#190- Gift that man in your life the best warm hands all winter long.  The expensive pigskin glove leather makes them worth every penny! These winter lined mittens will do the job!  Best winter gloves!

2. Gifts for Her

Best Gifts for Moms and Mothers In Law

womans garden glove gardening gifts

#211W- Mom's want nothing more than a heartwarming gift this season.  Why not tell her what you think of her with this branded garden glove for women that ways "Best Mom Ever". Great work glove for women!


Best Gifts for Wives and/or Girlfriends

There is nothing better than gifting your wife or girlfriend the gift of warm hands on a cold winter day.  Guaranteed, these Fingerless mittens are perfect for both! The fingerless glove pairs as a glove and a cold weather mitten.

leather working glove

811W Our best selling work glove for women that stands the test of time is this beauty right here.  Crazy Cool! Deerskin leather glove perfect women's glove.

ladies garden glove pink gifts for her

#825- Come on... If she is into pink, this decision is a no brainer.  Get her this amazing pink women's work glove. It is a bargin! Great construction glove as well.

3. Gifts for Kids and Teens

Best Gifts for Kids:

kids working gloves

2153K- This goatskin glove is top of the line glove leather and will keep those kids from complaining about their hands.  Can't say the other complaining will stop! Such a practical gift.

cowhide leather working gloves for kids

#204 These Golden Stag kids work gloves are perfect for almost every occasion that your kinds might need gloves for.  The cowhide leather holds up well. The most reliable gift of the season! Best kids leather glove!


Best Gifts for Teens:

leather work glove pigskin tan and brown glove

Great winter lined work gloves that comes in mens, women's and kids sizes.  Seriously, makes a perfect gift for your teen as they are growing!

touchscreen nitrile glove

Kids and their phones... am I right?  These gloves are touch screen capable.  So your kids will love that you encourage them using their phones as long as they are working!  I'm kind of obsessed with these! Grab a pair of touchscreen gloves today.



4. Gifts for "others"

Gifts for Couples or married kids:

winter lined extreme cold weather glove

166TW/166T- These winter lined gloves are perfect for your married kids and couples who love to be matchy!  Discover this simple gift! Great Winter glove!

#170 and #170W-His and hers waterproof winter lined work gloves.  Nothing says romance like matching gloves. Great snow gloves!


Gifts for Grandparents:

#211W- We have branded one of our best selling gloves with the phrase, "Best Grandma Ever."  What better way to say I love you this holiday season.  It's unique like she is! Great glove leather and perfect garden glove.


We can brand this logo on several of our glove leathers.  Make something special for grandpa and let us help.  Contact us here for more info.


Gifts for Best Friends:

black leather work glove

#2151- This black deerkin glove in beautiful! Great as a leather driving glove as well as a leather working glove!  You won't regret gifting this glove.

#2150 This gold deerskin glove is our best all purpose glove.  Your friends will sing your praises knowing you gifted them an amazing working glove!

Gifts for your Boss: 

#400 The best for the best boss in town!  This premium deerskin driver will say exactly what you want to say by giving the gift! Plus its a great working glove leather. Literally the BEST!

#811- You can never go wrong giving your boss deerskin gloves with a soft and supple feel and great quality to last!  The results don't vary!  Great work leather gloves! Grab a pair today!

Gifts for Teachers:

mens leather working glove yardwork lumber warehouse

#211- We consider this one of our best all around work glove and garden glove for men.  Good for most any project, making it the perfect gift for your teachers!  Tell them how super they are!

gardening glove womans green pattern

#531- Women's size and color. It's an essential for all women. Perfect womens garden glove.



Gifts for your Customers: 

Customizable gloves! What better gift to give your customers than a great pair of gloves with your company logo on them.  We think a branded leather work glove is where it's at.  Contact us for more info about branding personalized gloves this holiday season. 

5. Gifts for workers based on hobbies

Cold weather enthusiasts:

mans leather work glove winter cold weather

#853 This elkskin leather winter lined glove will keep those hands toasty all winter long.  Great cold weather gloves. Its made from the finest leather and is top quality. This one is reliable!

waterproof mens working glove winter cold weather glove

#850.  This deerskin leather glove is one of our best selling winter lined gloves.  It is warm while allowing you to get the work done.  AND it is a waterproof glove! Very Popular Glove. Great ski glove and snow glove!

leather work glove pigskin tan and brown glove

#168 This pigskin winter lined glove is our top selling glove during the cold month.  You can never go wrong with a pair of these winter work gloves for all your outdoor needs.  Steal of a deal.

cut resistant water oil goatskin leather kevlar

#778 This glove is water and oil resistant and made from durable goatskin leather.  Very affordable. Great working glove.

Gifts for gardeners and landscapers:

hunters glove camo thin glove

#84 This latex dipped work glove keeps the hands free from debris while also allowing you to feel the dirt and sand as you work.  Its an obvious choice.

brown glove flora back synthetic leather

#539 Who does not love colorful gloves while working outside.  These gloves are a great gift for that special person!  Protect the hands of those you love.

#828 Our new Garden glove has a grain leather palm with padding and a cool wrist strap to keep the glove in place and your hands free from debris.  This glove is super cute as well!




Gifts for Hikers, campers, bush-crafters and outdoorsmen.

deerskin leather work glove gold

#900 This is our top of the line deerskin leather glove with a patch palm for extra protection.  All those tough jobs require it and this is just the glove for the job.  Those tent poles, dutch ovens and shovels have nothing on this glove.

camping bushcraft brown leather glove

#277 This glove is water repellant, making for the perfect outdoor glove while keeping your hands protected.  And the chocolate color!  Beautiful!


Gifts for Handyman, DIYers and Carpenters:

working glove yellow grey stag

#30 This suede cowhide leather work glove is perfect to throw on for all those jobs where you need extra protection and grip. Impressive quality glove right here.

mechanic glove black yellow stag mens working gloves

#67 This buffalo leather palm glove is tough and sturdy to help get the job done.  Plus it just looks crazy cool.


Gifts for Rancher, Farmers and Homesteaders:

iron fencer golden stag barbed wire cowhide leather

#207- Iron Fencer.  Our best selling glove.  We don't need to sell you on why this is the best glove for ranch and farm work.  Click on the glove to see the reviews.

heavy duty working glove leather mens

805 Top of the line Elkskin leather driver glove.  Every cowboy and Ranch Hand needs a pair!  Obviously!

Gifts for Mailman, ups/fedx drivers and warehouse workers:

touchscreen work glove stag

#366 Touchscreen capable!  Need we say more.  Every workers needs this!

nitrile working gloves

P-200'2 are our best selling nitrile glove.  Perfect grip and lasting protection.  Great bargin glove.  Great gift for your delivery man!

#29 Great all around glove to cover your hands for any task!  Seriously cool color combo. It will dominate!


6. Gifts at every price point:

1. Under $15

2. Under $25

3. Under $40

7. Last minute gifts:

The best gift cards


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