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How To Clean Leather Work Gloves

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Leather work gloves are built to be durable and will last a long time.  Caring for leather gloves will help them last even longer.  But let’s not throw them in the washing machine.  Here is how to clean our leather work gloves to keep them looking fresh.

Working leather gloves can be cleaned by either using a gentle soap and cloth to clean it or you can rinse them under some water.  The drying is just as important.

Now that you understand that work leather gloves can be cleaned, what does it take to clean them?

Clean Leather Work Gloves with cloth and soap

  1. Damp Cloth with Soap: Use a damp microfiber cloth and a mild soap to wipe the entire exterior of the gloves, 

  2. Create lather. We like this Saddle soap.*

  3. Test on a small piece of glove leather before applying to the entire glove. This is the most important step.  

  4. Rub with sudsy cloth lightly to remove any dirt and stains.

  5. Clean off with damp cloth. Make sure not to rub too strong as you can remove natural oils in the leather.

  6. Repeat if still dirty

Leather gloves can be washed under running water while on your hands. If you are washing winter leather gloves, try not to get the liners wet.

  1. Put your work gloves on your hands and run under cold water for about 3 seconds.

  2. Use soap and rub your work gloves lightly together to clean the leather.

  3. Rinse gloves clean with cold water.

Dry Working gloves leather by lying flat and patting dry between a towel.

  1. Lay flat to dry cool shaded and dry area. Let the work gloves dry naturally without added heat.

  2. Put the work glove on a few times while drying to maintain the shape and to stop them from shrinking, because leather gloves can shrink.  Advised to do it 3-5 times throughout the dry time.

usa made leather work glove wet glove drying on a towel

How to clean the inside of glove leathers.

Remember, leather gloves should not be submerged in water.  When washing winter leather gloves, read up on the type of glove lining and how best to properly clean it. 

  1. Turn the glove inside out and spray a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water.

  2. Let the leather gloves sit for 20 minutes and then pat dry.

  3. Let them dry before turning right side out.

You can always add some leather conditioner to maintain suppleness and the soft feel of a working glove if your leather work gloves start to dry out.

**Remember that not all glove leather is created equal.  Check out our post about different types of glove leathers here.  Spot test before using this info on any of your leather gloves!

Remember, leather absorbs oil from your skin, dirt, grime and other particles.  We need to care for our leather work gloves to keep them looking fresh.  Cleaning your leather work gloves is the best way to ensure longevity.

There are other ways to clean specific types of leather gloves, such as leather welding gloves and Suede Leather Work gloves.  Check out the articles for further information.

Glove size chart found here. We can help with Spanish for Gloves. Guantes

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