How to protect your hands from the elements

If you have been using gloves for a long time or if you are simply entertaining the idea,  it's important to understand that protecting our hands from the elements is important.

We use our hands for so many things that keeping them in good condition should be our top priority. So you might be wondering how we protect our hands from the elements?

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 We protect our hands by using gloves. Gloves provide protection from materials, from chemicals, and from things in nature. It is important to choose the right club for the job so that our hands and fingers will be supported by the material. It's also important to do some care of our hands when they are not in gloves, ensuring that they are healthy in order to perform jobs required of them.

Now that you understand the importance of using gloves, and keeping our hands healthy, you may be wondering how can I ensure that my hand steak healthy end up my gloves protect my hands. Choosing the right gloves{link to other blog}, caring and maintaining for our hands  other ways that we stay protected from the elements. Because nobody likes cracked, dry and blistered hands

 Choosing the right work glove for you. 

With over 200 varieties of stag work gloves to choose from, it's important to choose a glove that will protect you from the ailment that you will be working with. You don't want to use a rubber glove before going to be working around heat, as the heat could melt the gloves. And using a heavy duty double palmed leather glove, like our iron fencer,  won't help us much if we are trying to do intricate work like fastening a screw. 

 Care for your hands when they are not in use. 

We all know the horrible feeling that crack from dry skin or a blister can cause. It's like that rock in the shoe that just won't go away. Let's make sure we care for our hands when we're off the job so that there they can do the work when they're on the job. Here are a few suggestions to caring for your hands.

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10 ways to protect your hands

-Apply salve or lotion before bed.

-Moisturize throughout the day.

-Say no to lotions and yes to creams.

-Avoid washing hands with soap that drys they out. 

-Treat the cracks in your skin. -petrolium jelly works great.

-Deep skin rejuvenation.

-Drink lots of water to keep skin cells healthy and nourished.

-Massage hands with honey or almond oil.

-Milk bath

-Vegetable oil and then cotton gloves


In order to protect our hands from the elements, we need to choose the right glove for the job and we need to care for our hands when you're not.

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