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207F Fencer Glove Winter Lined

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Best work Glove for winter?  This is the winter leather glove!

  Golden Stag Iron fencer glove just got better with the black fleece lining making it the best winter lined gloves for barbed wire and other tough jobs.

These gloves are a great glove to make customizable.  Check out more details here.

People are obsessed with this fencing glove and say this glove is the best on the market. Grab those Double Palmed Cowhide gloves for all those rough and tough jobs.

Step it up a notch by keeping your hands warm this winter with Black Fleece Winter Lining.

These glove will outlast most others because of the double Index Finger & Thumb Patch

Enjoy these gloves for fencing with the ease of on and off quickly with the Rolled Cuff

Winter leather glove mens sizing S-XXL

 Grab you a pair of fencer gloves Today!

Many like to use the Fencer Glove unlined.  Check it out here. 

Also, if you are looking for other glove leather for a good winter leather work glove, look here. 

Sizing: Glove Size Chart

Golden Stag Gloves offers generous and consistent glove sizing to give you the best sizing possible to get those tough jobs done.

Glove sizes do vary somewhat depending on manufacture. Finding the right glove size for your work gloves is important.

Typical Palm Measurements.  Sizes may vary.  Depending on the specific glove type and glove leather, you many find that a smaller or larger size may fit you best.  This is due to the variance in sizing based on the material thickness and stitching.

Men's Gloves/Women's Gloves


 Glove Size Inches XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL
7 7 S
7 1/2 7.5 S
8 8 M
8 1/2 8.5 M
9 9 L
9 1/2 9.5 L
10 10 XL
10 1/2 10.5 XL
11 11 XXL
11 1/2 11.5 XXL




5.5 5.5 XS
6 6 XS/S
7 7 M
7.5 7.5 M
8 8 L
8.5 8.5 L


Kids Sizing

Glove Size Inches Age
S 5.5-6 4-6
M 6-6.5 6-9
L 6.5-7 8-11



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Eli
Great but, only one problem!

The gloves are great, just like all of your gloves. But my gloves got wet in the rain and it looked like the Missouri River of leather stain coming off of them. The stain was everywhere. I get that some stain will come out of the gloves after a while. But this was a lot of stain. But awesome gloves for durability!

Ethan Welker
Comfortable and warm

Have been using theses for about a week. Applied snow seal to keep them dry. The insulated gloves are my new favorite pair of gloves for the winter. I use them for everything from walking and throwing the ball for my dog to tending the fireplace. Nice and warm and not difficult to slip on and off. Durability seems on par with most other leather gloves and I like the reinforcement on the finger. I just wish it was one piece of reinforcing leather up and around the webbing between the thumb and forefinger. The stitching right there is usually the first thing to go on most other brands I’ve tried. We will see how these hold up. So far I’m super satisfied

John Persson
Not good

As I have already tried to explain I did not receive the gloves. You shipped it to a Military P.O. in Utah and I gave you my address at a Military P.O. in Okinawa Japan. I buy a lot of things from online and have never had any issues until now; so not good!

Costumer service

After contacting costumer service they are sending another pair of gloves. It was very pleasant dealing with them. Under these circumstances I'm happy with the product. I assume I got a flawed pair and they are making up for it.

Costumer service

I previously put a bad review on quality however I contacted them via Facebook and was told they would send me a new pair. It was very pleasant and if they follow through ill be very happy. Probably just a defective pair.