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About Golden Stag Gloves

Golden Stag Gloves is a renowned brand that specializes in providing top-quality work gloves for professionals and enthusiasts. With a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and superior materials, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.

At Golden Stag Gloves, we prioritize comfort, durability, and performance, ensuring that our gloves exceed your expectations. Our gloves are designed to provide the perfect fit, allowing you to work with ease and flexibility. Crafted from heavy-duty leather and featuring double layers in high-wear areas, our gloves offer unmatched durability, enabling them to withstand the toughest tasks.

Comfort and Durability: Our gloves are built for long-lasting comfort. Designed to fit like a second skin, they eliminate discomfort and fatigue during extended use. You can rely on Golden Stag Gloves to deliver exceptional performance, even during the most demanding jobs.

Reliable Hand Protection: Your safety is our priority. Our gloves provide reliable protection against various hazards, including barbed wire, thorns, and sharp objects. With Golden Stag Gloves, your hands remain safe and protected while you focus on your work.

Versatile Performance: Golden Stag Gloves are versatile and suitable for a wide range of tasks. Whether you're working in the yard, landscaping, shoveling snow, hauling hay, or engaged in heavy-duty ranch work, our gloves deliver outstanding performance and ensure you have the right grip and dexterity for the job.

Trusted by Professionals: Our gloves have gained the trust of ranchers, farmers, and professionals across various industries. They have been rigorously tested and proven in demanding work environments, making them the preferred choice for those who require reliable and durable gloves.

Longevity and Value: Investing in Golden Stag Gloves means investing in long-term value. Our gloves outlast other brands, providing exceptional longevity and saving you money in the long run. Experience the difference that quality and durability can make in your work.


Here's what our customers have to say about Golden Stag Gloves:

  • "The best leather work gloves I have found. Comfortable, durable, and a good price point." - Tracy Christensen
  • "Heavy leather, good fit, best gloves we have bought..." - Amazon Customer
  • "I have to work in my yard which is mostly forest. These are the best gloves for wear and strength that I can find." - N. Baker
  • "These gloves were recommended by my son, and they've now become my go-to glove for tough jobs." - Micro
  • "The gloves work great for yard work, landscaping, and shoveling the snow. They are my new go-to glove!" - City Slicker
  • "You never want to put up a barbed wire fence without having Golden Stag Iron Fencer gloves #207 on your hands! Great gloves! Great company to do business with." - Connie Norton
  • "These are high quality gloves! They are thick, soft, and beautiful." - Melissa
  • "My husband loves these gloves, well made and last a whole season!" - Carole Parker
  • "I use the work glove 207 for hauling small bales of hay. 207's are the best gloves I have found for this job." - Tyler Barker
  • "I am very hard on gloves and 207 is the best glove ever. I have small hands and a good fit is hard to find. The small fits great." - Linda Seay
  • "Love these Iron Fencer double palm gloves, these are the only glove that stands up to incredible use on this mountain cattle ranch!" - James Sprague

Golden Stag Gloves was founded in the Salt Lake City Utah area, by Randy Martinson in 1980.

Having worked with and sold gloves for years, Randy saw a need and opportunity to create a business with the core principle to offer the BEST WORK GLOVE and most personalized SERVICE in the industry.

In addition to providing excellent service, Golden Stag also emphasizes Quality and Value as part of our 3 Golden Standards: Golden Service – Golden Quality – Golden Value.

We are proud of the “Nation-Wide” network of retailer partners that so loyally offer Golden Stag Gloves. We strive to continue to be the best “Vendor-Partner” in the Glove industry.

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We hope to serve you in any way possible.  Please don't hesitate to call or email with questions you might have.