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Leather Work Glove 730

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The Hoss is an amazing leather work glove with a PREMIUM FIT.  If you are looking for a working glove of strong leather, look no further. 

Premium Curved Finger Glove

True Seamless Palm with Wing Thumb

Fourchette Fingers for Extra Comfort

Buy a pair of working gloves today!

Sizing: Glove Size Chart

Golden Stag Gloves offers generous and consistent glove sizing to give you the best sizing possible to get those tough jobs done.

Glove sizes do vary somewhat depending on manufacture. Finding the right glove size for your work gloves is important.

Typical Palm Measurements.  Sizes may vary.  Depending on the specific glove type and glove leather, you many find that a smaller or larger size may fit you best.  This is due to the variance in sizing based on the material thickness and stitching.

Men's Gloves/Women's Gloves


 Glove Size Inches XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL
7 7 S
7 1/2 7.5 S
8 8 M
8 1/2 8.5 M
9 9 L
9 1/2 9.5 L
10 10 XL
10 1/2 10.5 XL
11 11 XXL
11 1/2 11.5 XXL




5.5 5.5 XS
6 6 XS/S
7 7 M
7.5 7.5 M
8 8 L
8.5 8.5 L


Kids Sizing

Glove Size Inches Age
S 5.5-6 4-6
M 6-6.5 6-9
L 6.5-7 8-11



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Don Guice
One excellent pair of gloves

I work with a chainsaw cutting down standing-dead trees then milling them into lumber. The Hoss gloves have held up much better than I had expected. They are not only comfortable, but sewn so that all your finger can easily move independently. Reasonably priced for such quality, I’ll be ordering them again.

Jacob Ames
My new Favorite glove (the hoss)

I am a self employed reinforcing iron worker with a couple guys who help me daily. I provide the gloves necessary for us to do our job efficiently. I have been searching for a leather glove with stitching on the interior and a nice elastic cuff since I starter my business 15 years ago. Last month I took a chance on 3 different models of gloves I had not yet tried. These are the best all around work glove I have ever used. They survive about 50% longer than any glove I've ever used. Additionally, they breath well for leather, stretch to fit comfortably, provide decent tackiness to grip (wire in my case), and to top it off, are reasonably priced. "The Hoss" definitely will be my preference go to glove when it's time to reorder.

Jacob A.

Just for reference, I wear through or usually bust the thumb seam or pointer finger stitching on a pair of gloves every 3 days of use due to the abrasion of the cut end of the 14 gauge wire we use for rebar. These gloves lasted me an additional two days under severe conditions of hauling bar by hand and tying with pliers. Would recommend to anyone.