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842 Winter Lined Deerskin Glove

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 Winter Lined Gloves made from Deerskin Leather.  These are the best work gloves for winter. Deerskin is some of the best leather for work gloves. 

This deerskin work glove is the best winter gloves made. Not only are they gloves with thinsulate to keep those hands warm, these leather work gloves are also great for protecting your hands from the elements. They make for a great driving deerskin glove.

A few details to help you decide if these work gloves are for you.

Premium Deerskin leather for a soft strong feel.  Great glove leather.

Thinsulate Lined for the cold weather

Shirred Elastic Back

Keystone Thumb and a great leather glove for winter!

Deerskin Gloves sizes S-XXL

Grab a pair of leather working gloves today!

Sizing: Glove Size Chart

Golden Stag Gloves offers generous and consistent glove sizing to give you the best sizing possible to get those tough jobs done.

Glove sizes do vary somewhat depending on manufacture. Finding the right glove size for your work gloves is important.

Typical Palm Measurements.  Sizes may vary.  Depending on the specific glove type and glove leather, you many find that a smaller or larger size may fit you best.  This is due to the variance in sizing based on the material thickness and stitching.

Men's Gloves/Women's Gloves


 Glove Size Inches XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL
7 7 S
7 1/2 7.5 S
8 8 M
8 1/2 8.5 M
9 9 L
9 1/2 9.5 L
10 10 XL
10 1/2 10.5 XL
11 11 XXL
11 1/2 11.5 XXL




5.5 5.5 XS
6 6 XS/S
7 7 M
7.5 7.5 M
8 8 L
8.5 8.5 L


Kids Sizing

Glove Size Inches Age
S 5.5-6 4-6
M 6-6.5 6-9
L 6.5-7 8-11