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Leather Work Gloves: Elkskin-Buffalo-Deerskin

We at Golden Stag Pride ourselves in high quality leather work gloves.  

Elkskin: For the best elkskin leather work gloves you will ever have, choose Golden Stag.  Elkskin work gloves offer some of the best value in gloves you’ll find anywhere. Available unlined and as Thinsulate™ work gloves for the fall and winter months.

Buffalo:  When you need gloves that are hardworking, durable, and warm, you need a pair of Golden Stags Buffalo Leather gloves. Leather gloves are known for their resistance to wear and tear, and for strong protection against harsh elements. Buffalo leather gloves are no exception. Our Buffalo Leather Gloves are constructed for long-term heavy use while remaining soft and flexible for every day comfort.


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