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Leather Glove Brown for Kids 168K

Leather Glove Brown for Kids 168K

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Golden Stag Gloves Cold Weather Gloves for Kids

Keep your little ones warm and protected with our Cold Weather Gloves for Kids. These gloves are designed to brave the chill while providing optimal comfort and functionality.

Leather Glove Brown for Kids Features:

Pigskin Lined leather gloves 

Our leather gloves brown feature pigskin lining, offering a soft and cozy feel that keeps little hands warm during the coldest of days. Let your kids enjoy outdoor adventures without worrying about frosty fingers.

Winter Lined for cold weather

The winter lining adds an extra layer of insulation, providing superior warmth and protection against harsh winter elements. Ensure your kids stay comfortable while playing in the snow or during chilly outings.

Stretch Knit Back cold weather work gloves

The stretch knit back ensures a snug and flexible fit, allowing for easy movement and flexibility with these leather gloves brown. Let your kids explore, play, and engage in various activities with unrestricted comfort.

Kids Glove Sizes Available: Small and Medium

We offer these leather gloves brown for kids in two sizes - Small and Medium. Find the perfect fit to keep those little hands cozy and ready for winter fun!

Don't let the cold weather hinder your kids' outdoor play. Gear them up with our Cold Weather leather Gloves brown  for Kids, providing pigskin lining, winter lining, and a stretch knit back for unbeatable comfort and warmth.

Equip your children with the best - Order now and let them embrace the winter wonderland with confidence!

Also available as women's winter gloves  and Mens best gloves for winter work.

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