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Men's Work Gloves 217

Men's Work Gloves 217

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Golden Stag Men's Work Gloves

Get a strong hold with the Golden Stag Fencing Glove. Made with split cowhide and double palmed suede, this men's work gloves is designed for durability and protection. Whether you're working with wires, posts, fences, twigs or trees, this glove will provide the necessary grip and protection.

Features of our Men's Work Gloves:

Added Protection for Fencing needs

The Men's Work Glove is designed with added protection in key wear areas. This makes it an excellent choice for fencing and other outdoor work. With this glove, you can handle rough materials without worrying about scratches, cuts or bruises.

Split Cowhide Leather Gloves for Working: Shirred Elastic Back

The shirred elastic back of this Men's Work Gloves provides a snug fit and keeps debris out. This means your hands stay protected and clean, even when working in messy conditions. The working glove is comfortable to wear, and the elastic back ensures that it won't slip off or move around during use.

Perfect for Fencing and Rancher Glove

If you're a fencer or rancher, you know how important it is to have the right gear. The Golden StagMen's Work Gloves are a great choice for anyone working in this field. With its strong grip and durable construction, it will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Plus, the added protection in key wear areas will keep your hands safe and comfortable.

Order your Men's Work Gloves today and see the difference for yourself!

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