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Anti Vibration Gloves 22

Anti Vibration Gloves 22

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Golden Stag Anti Vibration Glovea - Perfect for Tough Jobs

Anti Vibration Gloves Features:

Looking for a reliable and durable work glove that can withstand tough jobs? The Golden Stag anti vibration glove is perfect for you. The black and green Hi-Viz glove with a microfiber palm is designed for construction workers and mechanics who demand high-quality hand protection.

  • Anti-Vibration Foam Padding and TPR Protection on Fingers:

  • Experience reduced hand fatigue and increased comfort with the anti-vibration foam padding. The TPR protection on the fingers safeguards against impacts and abrasions, ensuring your hands stay protected throughout the work.

  • Hi Viz Neoprene Knuckle and Slip-on Cuff:

  • Enjoy extra protection and a comfortable fit with the neoprene knuckle and slip-on cuff design. These gloves are perfect for high-intensity jobs, and the microfiber palm ensures a strong grip for enhanced performance.

Get Your Anti Vibration Gloves Today! Don't let your hands suffer through another tough job. Grab yourself a pair of Golden Stag Impact Gloves today and work with confidence. These anti vibration gloves are ideal for working professionals in various industries.

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