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Impact Glove 255 Cowhide Leather

Impact Glove 255 Cowhide Leather

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Impact Gloves

Protect Your Hands with Golden Stag Premium Cowhide Leather Impact Gloves

Features of Impact Gloves:

Cowhide Leather Durability

Made from top-quality cowhide leather, these impact gloves offer superior durability and protection for heavy-duty work. The natural strength and resilience of cowhide leather ensure long-lasting performance.

Enhanced Impact Work Gloves

Stay safe during tough tasks with TPR protection on knuckles and fingers, providing excellent impact resistance. The padded palm offers added comfort and reduces hand fatigue during extended use.

Unmatched Flexibility and Dexterity

The keystone thumb and rolled cuff design allow for enhanced flexibility and dexterity, making it easy to handle intricate tasks. Enjoy optimal hand movement without sacrificing protection.

Perfect Fit for Every Hand

Available in sizes M-XXL, these impact gloves ensure a comfortable and secure fit for all hand sizes. Choose the size that suits you best for maximum comfort and protection.

Ideal Heavy-Duty Work Gloves

Whether you work in construction, automotive repair, or any other demanding industry, the Golden Stag Premium Cowhide Leather Impact Gloves are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Experience unmatched hand protection and durability.

Upgrade your work gear with these cowhide leather work gloves and take on any task with confidence. Order your pair of impact gloves today and experience the difference they make in your work performance.

Grab yourself a pair of these leather impact gloves today!

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Customer Reviews

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Clayton Cambra
work impact gloves

very nice impact gloves I use them for pounding in t post on my farm. they work great and no blisters of bleeding hands any more I really love them , the3 customer service is the best and shipping was fast ,they answered all my questions in a fast time . we need more sellers like this , the world is starting to turn upside down , and no one cares any more . it's all about taking your money. Give them a try , what do you got to loose , Clay in Hawaii