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Cut resistant Nitrile Gloves 370

Cut resistant Nitrile Gloves 370

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Cut-Resistant Nitrile Gloves with Grip

Gray Nitrile Coating with Atlas Assembly Grip

These cut-resistant gloves feature a gray nitrile coating for added protection and durability. The atlas assembly grip provides excellent grip and control, making them ideal for handling tools and equipment.

13 Gauge Nylon Shell: Work gloves with Grip

The gloves are made with a 13 gauge nylon shell for enhanced flexibility and comfort. The lightweight material allows for easy hand movement and reduces hand fatigue, even during prolonged use.

Economy Grade: Top Quality Gloves

These gloves are an economy grade option that provides reliable protection without breaking the bank. They are a practical choice for those who need to keep their hands safe while on a budget.

Grab yourself a pair of these cut-resistant nitrile gloves today and tackle your next task with confidence!

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