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Waterproof Gloves for Winter 170K-Kids Sizes

Waterproof Gloves for Winter 170K-Kids Sizes

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Golden Stag Glove 170K Waterproof Gloves for Winter

Pigskin Leather Winter Work Glove for Kids

Introducing the Golden Stag Glove 170K, the best waterproof gloves for winter, keeping kids warm during cold weather. These waterproof gloves are specifically designed to provide optimal protection and comfort for young hands.

Features of Waterproof Gloves for Winter-Kids Sizes:

Unbeatable Waterproof Performance

Don't let water get in the way of your child's outdoor activities. The Golden Stag Glove 170K features waterproof glove leather that keeps water out, ensuring your child's hands stay dry and comfortable. Let them play and work in any weather with confidence.

Superior Warmth with Thinsulate Lining

These waterproof gloves for winter are lined with Thinsulate, a high-performance insulation material that traps heat and keeps cold air out. Say goodbye to chilly hands and hello to warmth and coziness. Let your kids enjoy their winter adventures while staying comfortably warm.

Enhanced Durability with Bolton Thumb

The Bolton Thumb design of these waterproof gloves ensures longevity and durability. It prevents holes from forming at the thumb crease, allowing the gloves to withstand rough use and last longer. Let your kids work and play with confidence, knowing their gloves are built to endure.

Flexibility and Shape Retention

The stretch knit back of the Golden Stag waterproof gloves for winter in kids sizes provides both flexibility and shape retention. It allows for easy movement, ensuring your child can perform various tasks comfortably. The gloves maintain their shape even after prolonged use, ensuring a great fit every time.

Perfect for Kids' Outdoor Adventures

Make chores and outdoor activities more enjoyable for your kids with these waterproof gloves. The Golden Stag waterproof Glove for winter is designed to be a reliable and comfortable companion for your children. Let them work alongside you with pride and enthusiasm.

Choose the perfect fit for your child with our range of m and s sizing options. Get the Golden Stag Glove 170K Waterproof Pigskin Leather Winter Work Glove for Kids and equip your little ones with gloves that offer superior waterproof performance, warmth, durability, and comfort.

Order now and let your kids embrace outdoor tasks and playtime with confidence.

We carry this winter glove for men sizes. Click Here.

This winter lined glove is also available as a Women's winter glove. Check it out here.


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Customer Reviews

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Ray B.
Great pair of gloves

Great pair of gloves. Would I highly recommend. Fits perfect. Keeps your hands warm and dry. Have already bought another pair.