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Women's Gloves Winter: 855W

Women's Gloves Winter: 855W

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Women's Gloves Winter: 855W Elkskin Drivers Glove

Lined gloves for women, the Women's Gloves for Winter 855 combines warmth and dexterity. The lightweight insulated elk skin leather offers excellent mobility, while the winter lining and red fleece keep hands cozy in the coldest temperatures.

Features of Women's Gloves Winter:

  • Lightweight insulated elk skin leather
  • Winter lining and red fleece for warmth
  • Keystone Thumb design for comfort and mobility
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship

Benefits of Winter Elkskin Drivers Gloves for Women:

  • Keep hands warm and comfortable in the coldest temperatures
  • Excellent dexterity and mobility with lightweight elk skin leather
  • Comfortable fit with Keystone Thumb design
  • Durability and quality craftsmanship

Elkskin Gloves:

Durable and Tough Womens Gloves Winter:

Elkskin leather is known for exceptional strength and durability, ideal for heavy-duty work. Withstands rough handling, abrasion, and harsh conditions for long-lasting hand protection.

Soft and Supple Elkskin Leather: Remarkably soft and supple, elkskin leather conforms to your hands for a comfortable fit. Offers excellent dexterity and flexibility, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.

Natural Water Resistance makes for a great winter glove: Inherent water-resistant properties keep hands dry in damp or wet conditions. Ideal for outdoor work, maintaining integrity even when exposed to water or liquids.

Ladies Sizes: glove Size M-L

Grab yourself a pair of Womens Gloves Winter today!

This elk leather glove is also available as a winter work glove for men.  See it here. 

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