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Work Gloves Women 515 (2 pack)

Work Gloves Women 515 (2 pack)

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Work Gloves Women by Golden Stag Gloves

The Garden Glove Nylon Liner 515 is a comfortable and lightweight option for gardeners who want to combine breathability and flexibility.

Features of Work Gloves Women

  • Nylon knit liner provides a snug and comfortable fit
  • Breathable nitrile coating allows your hands to breathe while you work
  • Lightweight design provides great flexibility and dexterity
  • Stylish blue, pink, and purple colors add a touch of style to your gardening outfit

Considerations of Gloves for Gardening

  • May not provide as much protection as other work gloves on the market
  • The breathable design may not be suitable for cold or wet conditions
  • The nylon liner may not be as durable as other materials

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Colors of gloves blue, pink, purple( assorted colors sent 2 pack)

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