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Latex Black Gloves 3396HO (2 Pack)

Latex Black Gloves 3396HO (2 Pack)

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Stay Warm and Visible with Golden Stag Latex Black Gloves for Winter

Latex Black Gloves features:

Perfect for Cold Weather Work: Latex Gloves in Black and Orange

With Golden Stag's Latex Black Gloves for Winter, you'll never have to sacrifice safety for warmth. The hi-viz orange color ensures maximum visibility, while the winter lining provides the warmth needed for cold weather work. Plus, with a pack of two, you'll always have a spare pair on hand.

Durable and High-Quality Latex Gloves for Men

These Latex Black Gloves for Winter are made with a latex coating and napped terry for superior durability and grip. The latex gloves are black, adding a sleek touch to the bright hi-viz orange. These gloves are perfect for construction, landscaping, and other tough jobs where safety and comfort are a priority.

Buy Latex Black Gloves in Bulk and Save

Don't run out of gloves in the middle of a job. Buy Golden Stag's Latex Black Gloves for Winter in bulk and save. With two pairs included, you'll always have a spare on hand.

Grab yourself 2 pair of Gloves Latex today! Latex Black gloves for winter com in glove sizes small- XL

Fine this latex Black Glove in Yellow.

Wondering about Latex Gloves vs Nitrile?  Check this out! 

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