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Latex Gloves Black 3396HY (2 pack)

Latex Gloves Black 3396HY (2 pack)

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Latex Gloves Black:Keep Your Hands Warm with Golden Stag Hi-Viz Yellow !

Experience the ultimate warmth and comfort with our popular Hi-Viz Yellow Winter Latex Glove. Designed for cold weather work, this glove is a must-have for anyone working outdoors during chilly conditions.

Latex Gloves Black benefits:

Winter Lined for Superior Warmth

Stay cozy and protected with the winter lining, providing excellent insulation and keeping your hands comfortably warm.

Durable Gloves Latex Construction

Crafted with a 10 Gauge Latex dipped design, this latex glove black offers durability and reliable protection against abrasions, cuts, and other workplace hazards.

Napped Terry for Added Comfort

The napped terry feature enhances comfort and provides a soft and plush feel against your skin, ensuring all-day comfort during prolonged use of this winter latex glove.

Latex Gloves Black in Bulk Purchase Option

For your convenience, these winter latex gloves black are available in bulk, allowing you to stock up and save on your essential cold weather work gear.

Don't let the cold weather slow you down. Get your Golden Stag Hi-Viz Yellow Winter Latex Gloves Black today and tackle your work with warmth and confidence!

Brag yourself a 2 pack of these latex winter gloves today! Latex Gloves up to size XL

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