Collection: Leather Work Gloves-Unlined

Welcome to Golden Stag Leather Work Gloves Unlined Collection page: Top Quality Gloves

We are proud to offer some of the best leather working gloves on the market, including stag leather work gloves and unlined leather gloves. Our best seller being the iron fencer.

Heavy-Duty Leather Gloves: Protection for Any Task

Our leather work gloves are perfect for a variety of heavy-duty tasks, from electrical work and landscaping to general household repairs. They are durable, comfortable, and provide excellent protection. Whether you need a heavy-duty glove, professional-grade glove, or something more basic and lightweight for DIY projects, we have something to cover you.

Heavy-Duty Glove Leathers

Our collection includes a variety of heavy-duty glove leathers, such as Deerskin Work Gloves, Cowhide Work Gloves, ElkSkin Work Gloves, and Pigskin Work Gloves. Each type of leather has its unique benefits and features. 

Cowhide Leather: Durable and Popular

Cowhide Leather is the most durable and most popular leather for working gloves, providing excellent protection and comfort. If you're looking for winter leather gloves, we also carry Cowhide, Goatskin, Pigskin, and Deerskin leather gloves.  Looking for women's sizes?

Tips for Choosing the Right Glove Leather

To help you decide which glove leather is best for your job, we have created a post that provides tips and advice on what to consider. Check out our top 5 glove leather here. We want to ensure that you are making an informed decision and have confidence in your purchase.

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We also carry Cowhide, Goatskin, Pigskin and Deerskin winter leather gloves

Check out our winter leather gloves women's sizes here.

Some people prefer to wear the unlined leather work gloves and then use a glove liner for cold weather. 

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